Phoenix Institute

North Georgia's Leader in Student Centered Education
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What we do

We are a fully functional college that provides a non-traditional environment that focuses on learning

High Quality Instruction

All of our courses are taught by the latest research, expert faculty and supported by our staff. We approach education by eliminating standardized testing in many courses, focusing on helping you learn and teaching you how to grow in your college journey

Programs Offered

Phoenix Institute currently offers:

Emergency Medical Responder
Emergency Medical Technician 
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician 
Advanced Care Provider Program
EMS Instructor Techniques Course

Designed and built for students by experts

We redefine higher education by including instructor supported learning, virtual lecture options, flipped classroom approaches and engaging topics. All programs undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure they match the latest research and data, so you always get the most up to date information
Instead of programs made to simply finish, our content is high quality and engaging. Engage with peers and instructors even if you aren't in a live class!
Our rigorous review process ensures that you never have to wonder if you are getting the most current information. We update courses and even contact you after the course with updates as a part of the integrated cost!

Benefits of our programs

All Inclusive

When you pay for a class, that covers all of your expenses. No worrying about buying books, extra programs, etc. We got you covered for the price of tuition.

Focused on the why

When students understand why something occurs, learning happens. We exist to provide students with a solid foundation that breeds a thirst for lifelong learning

For your career

When you take a course from Phoenix Institute, employers know that our content is high quality. You can use the skills, knowledge and ideas you learn through our courses to apply to your career and life to continue to move forward to your next goal

What our learners say

I really appreciated the time spent by my instructors to make my EMS Program a great experience! They work with you and meet you where you are. Outstanding Program!
Connally V.
I would recommend this place to anyone who needs to obtain BLS certification! Roy was very informative and had a lot of insight to offer from his own personal experiences in the EMS. Overall, the group was very quick with communication and actually responded to me outside of business hours; I was able to change my class time prior to attending without any issue. They really care about what they do, and that's why you should choose them!
Allison S
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