We Are Phoenix Institute

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Our Philosophy

Phoenix Institute is based upon the idea that we must provide quality education at an affordable price to our students. Every effort is made to ensure that students have a positive educational experience. We hold our pride in teaching students through understanding and to meet every student where they are in their educational journey. By setting standards for admissions, hiring high quality faculty and staff, ensuring that all faculty and staff align with the organizational mission prior to stepping foot on campus, and challenging the normal way of academia, we find our model to be extremely effective in creating lifelong learners.

Our Educational Approach
We believe that each student learns in a unique way and we attempt to engage students with methods that allow their learning to be enhanced. As an institution, we derive most of our educational approaches from the ideals of Malcom Knowles, an educational theorist from the late 20th Century. His Theory of Andragogy is centered upon creating a higher education environment that engages students as adults and encourages the student to be part of their educational journey.  

We use methods including in person learning, practical exploration, hybrid delivery models, distance education and traditional methods of instruction. In many programs, we implore methods of assessments that stray from the traditional exams and focus on using assessments that focus on ensuring the student understands the concepts. We also seek to reduce student stress by eliminating standardized testing when we are able to as we believe that students learn better in these environments. 
Our Mission Statement
To promote quality education through research-based strategies that improve the educational landscape for students
Our Vision
  • To empower students to obtain their personal and professional goals through quality education
  • To develop lasting relationships with students, businesses, organizations, and community partners by empowering their educational efforts
  • To provide research that can be used to improve education
Our Core Values
Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence, Community
Our History

Phoenix Institute was established as the higher education/college offerings of Phoenix Education Group, Inc. The organization was founded in 2021 by a 5 member board of directors. The organization operates as an educational institute currently in Georgia, specifically the Northeast Georgia area.

Our Colors and Mascot 
Grey and Burnt Orange. Our Mascot is the Phoenix, because it rises from the ashes to create something brand new

Frequently Asked Questions

While you may find some of this information elsewhere on our site, here are a few answers to common questions

Are you actually a college?

Yes! We were founded in 2021 as a division of Phoenix Education Group, Inc for the sole purpose of teaching higher education programs as a college. We allow for anyone with a GED or High School Diploma to apply for our programs.

Are you Accredited?

Currently, we have no need for academic institutional or programatic accreditation with the programs that we offer. However, we are recognized by the Better Business Bureau as upholding high standards of excellence as an educational institution.

We are authorized by the Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma to host initial education Emergency Medical Services courses and provide continuing education credits for EMS Providers

Phoenix Education Group, Inc/Phoenix Institute has a letter of exemption issued by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission due to the nature of the programs offered. For specific questions about the letter of exemption, please contact GA NPEC located at 2082 E Exchange Pl, St 220, Tucker, GA 30084

Do you have financial aid?

Yes! For our semester long programs, we do have financial aid options that include both in house financing and external lenders. You should speak with the Office of Admissions to learn which financial aid options are available to your program of study. 

Are you associated with the University of Phoenix?

Nope. We are not in any way affiliated with University of Phoenix, Devry University, etc.

Does Phoenix just do higher education?

Our organization, Phoenix Education Group, Inc has  Phoenix Academy which is their accredited K-12 Program.

Phoenix Research Institute participates in research projects to enhance the offerings of both Phoenix Institute and Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Business Services provides consulting to businesses in areas like employee engagement, data driven decision making, leadership training, custom training solutions and much more.
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