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American Heart Association Instructor Requirements - New Instructors

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Welcome to our AHA Training Resource Site! This will help you navigate your journey as an instructor with the AHA. 
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If you are interested in becoming an AHA Instructor with Phoenix, ensure that you meet all of the following requirements:

  • Currently have or obtain a BLS provider card. This MUST be a current, unexpired BLS CPR Card. If you need one prior to the class, we have options to get that requirement out of the way. Contact us directly if you do need one of these courses.
    • You must bring a copy or e-mail me a copy of your card for class. We do have the ability to print/copy so we can do this on site
  • Complete an Instructor Candidate Application to be on file with the accepting TC
  • Successfully complete the 2020 BLS Instructor Essentials course prior to the hands on session conducted at Phoenix Education Group by one of our Training Center Faculty. 
  • Register on the AHA Instructor Network and be accepted and approved by their Primary TC.
    • You will need to register prior to class, but DO NOT put in any affiliation until we do that during class. You can register for the AHA Instructor Network at
    • If you are already an AHA Instructor in another discipline or you have been an AHA Instructor previously, you DO NOT NEED TO REREGISTER
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When you teach a class as an instructor, if you teach at Phoenix Education Group/Phoenix Institute, we take care of all of the paperwork for you. If you teach on your own, you will need to submit paperwork for each course within 10 days of the course date. E-Cards must be submitted within 20 business days of the class. You must submit the following:

  • Course Roster through CPR Enroll - We go over this during instructor training or instructor orientation
  • You must include a copy of the completed exams. If you do a skills session, please include a copy of their Heartcode Certificate

Align with Us

American Heart Association Instructor Requirements - Current Instructors

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Are you looking for a new Training Site? Do you want a TS that cares about you and invest in you? Come align with us! 
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If you are interested in transferring as a current AHA Instructor to Phoenix, ensure that you meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be a current instructor with an active instructor card
  • Send an e-mail requesting transfer to and include your current instructor card, a copy of your instructor essentials certificate or your instructor update card in the disciplines that you wish to align with us
  • Create an account on this website ( so you have access to our Instructors Only section of this page that includes updates, card prices, etc

After you send your e-mail, our Training Ops Team will reach out to you. We may ask for additional information.

Once we start the process, one of our TCFs will want to monitor you at an upcoming class and prior to that class, we will schedule a Training Site Orientation meeting with one of our TCFs to ensure that you have the proper equipment, materials and access to CPR Enroll as well as answer any questions you may have. 

We will align you with us as soon as we receive your documents, but we do require monitoring for new instructors within 6 months of aligning with us so that we can assist you and for the AHA TC Requirements


We now use CPR Enroll to track all of our rosters and paperwork. You can view the document (screenshots included) by clicking the link below

Roster Submission Instructions

If you have issues accessing CPR Enroll, you will need to e-mail a copy of your roster and test answer sheets to with the following information:

Ex: KyleAtkins_BLS_IP_June12021

Course are:
ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support
BLS - Basic Life Support 
HSF- Heartsaver Full Course (First Aid/CPR/AED)
HSFA -Heartsaver First Aid Only
HSCAED - Heartsaver CPR/AED
HSP - Heartsaver Pediatric
HSBBP - Heartsaver Blood Borne Pathogens

IP - In Person Course
HC - Heartcode Course (Blended Learning)

TS Update Videos

June 2022 Update

Any video recordings of our update meetings will be posted here for instructors to review. Please make every effort to attend the live session, but if not please review these videos as they have important information that you will need.
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Link to the video meeting - June 2022 TS Update
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Current Card Prices

Prices for E-Cards to Instructors

We make every effort to process rosters within 24 hours of submission. If you need a faster turnaround, please notify us prior to your course and you can pre-pay for the cards before your course. You can e-mail with your course dates and how many e-cards you will need.


$6.50 per card
You must pay prior to your roster being processed. 

Heartsaver E-Cards

$20.50 per card
All Heartsaver cards are the same cost regardless of the combination

ACLS E-Cards

$8.50 per card
You must pay prior to your roster being processed
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