EMS Instructor Program by Phoenix

This page contains information about both EMS Instructor Courses and allows access to all of our EMS Instructor CEUs for GA Instructors.

We are the only EMS Instructor CEU Provider created by GA Instructors for GA Instructors! 

If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Student Support Team at info@phoenixacademic.org

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Research Based

Each course is reviewed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as well as having updated content to the most recent research

Mobile Ready

Learn by using your phone's mobile browser

LMS Upload

We do periodic uploads of your CEUs to the GA LMS (at least once per month). During recertification season, we increase our frequency to weekly uploads

EMS Educator CEU Subscription

Gain access to all of our EMS Instructor CEUs for one single price! This gives you access to any new instructor material during your subscription period! 


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